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5:07pm 05-29-2023
hi! randomly stumbled into your tumblr today through lain and ended up here! this has so many vibes and is so silly in the best way made me smile ^^
7:23pm 05-24-2023
greetings from cygnet neocities! this site gives me great vibes love your art too
Replied on: 9:46am 05-26-2023

wowow thank you so much! i love your site as well, very envious of your site layout, it all fits together really well! i hope to see more from your site

4:37pm 03-14-2023
Your website is verdant and lovely! I really enjoyed looking through your art log, those Bjork studies are fantastic. Your Jojo shrine was really refreshing to see, as I'd love to see more websites with Jojo content around. Keep up the good work!
Replied on: 6:10am 03-15-2023

wow, thank you so much! i'm glad you like the site and my art and i'm glad you liked the jojo stuff, i worked pretty hard on the jojo shrine so it's nice to see someone noticing it